Since I decided to quit my job and come to Tucson two years ago, I faced several crossroads. How to spend my life in Tucson, whether or not to get pregnant, how often and what to do to keep in touch with my friends in Japan, etc...And everytime I chose one way, I felt like I was giving up something really important for me. I was depressed seriously and always had a feeling of regret even if I know I was trying my best and actually have got several stuff done so far. I really hated to be like this but I didn't know what to do.

So, I decided to bother myself about what I've lost (or gave up). The two biggest decisions I've made were:
1) whether to quit my job and come to Tucson
2) whether or not to get pregnant (or at least try to get pregnant), and to be sociable in Tucson

I listed up what I would have acquired if I hadn't chosen to do the above two choices (e.g. smooth sailing career as a management consultant, experience and skill of coaching subordinates, in-house connection), and realized they weren't something what I really needed. Well, actually, some are what I need but these stuff can be acquired in other approaches, and surprisingly, I was already trying to do it unconsciously.

This awareness gave me reassurance that what I have done so far was the best choice I could have done in a constrained condition. I'm not a prisoner of my past and feel much more confident.