Managing Institutional Relationships Post-Agreement

  1. ensure accountability: define roles and assignments: determine answers to "what","who", and "by when"
  2. maintain commitment: work with participants to ensure that they remain actively involved
  3. manage conflict: set up mechanisms for surfacing and dealing with issues as they arise
  4. maintain legitimacy: maintain the efficacy of the collaboration by attracting the resources and people necessary to carry out hte implementation work, interacting effectively with the larger public, and demonstrating the progress that the group is making
  5. establish a governance structure: determine what kind of structure is most appropriate, and then develop that structure
  • set up a self-managing mechanism: the Fort Clatsop

  • designate a lead agency: Minnesota's long-term care reform case

  • create a new government structure or mechanism: the shared strategy organization in Washington


*1:Carlson, Christine 2007. A Practical Guide to Collaborative Governance. Policy Consensus Initiative. Portland, OR Ch. 8-11, Conclusion and Appendix. pp. 38-61.